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A Szavazás törlésről és az Azonnali törlés piros link-ként jelenik meg, mert a kettőspont (:) helyett - pervonal (/)-al kellett volna írni. Nemo - vita 2006. augusztus 2., 09:29 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

Privacy Policy edit of 22 June 2018[szerkesztés]

Hi there, I notice that a community member has reverted my recent edit to the Privacy Policy.the reason I removed the remaining content from the page is that, due to the new update we have made to the privacy policy, the version that had previously been on that page on your project was no longer accurate (that is, it no longer reflects accurately what the "official" version of the policy says). Because the Privacy Policy is a legal document, it is important that our users have access to the current version of it, not past versions. That's why I removed the old version of the policy in my edit and replaced it with a redirect. As far as I know, there is no informal volunteer-translated version of the newly enacted current privacy policy text (yet), so it is appropriate for the time being to make the actual text as easily accessible to readers and community members as possible. Your community is, of course, welcome to re-translate the new version of the policy for local use, but please do not revert my update or otherwise restore outdated Privacy Policy content to Wikikönyvek:Adatvédelmi irányelvek. Kbrown (WMF) (vita) 2018. június 25., 16:18 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]