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a (uselang)
::::I've added a question there.
::::# The configuration change to restore local uploads is ready, see [[bugzilla:72231]].
::::# I completely agree that knowing English must not be required to upload files. [https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:UploadWizard?setlang=hu&uselang=hu As far as I know everything can be done in Hungarian]. I'd really love if you could [[c:Commons:Upload_Wizard_feedback|report]] what's unavailable in Hungarian that you would need: such errors must be fixed and I'll take care of it. --[[Szerkesztő:Nemo bis|Nemo bis]] ([[Szerkesztővita:Nemo bis|vita]]) 2014. október 19., 14:20 (CEST)


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