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<!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE THIS PLEASE. BEFORE MAKING ANY KIND OF EDITS PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Pratyya_Ghosh OR ANY OF MY TALKPAGES ON OTHER 7 WIKIS STATED DOWN. ALSO IF YOU TRANSLATE THIS PAGE IN OTHER LNAGUAGES OR MAIN LANGUAGE OF THIS WIKI I'LL REALLY APPRECIATE THAT. THANK YOU.
{{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="color: #008000; font: bold 30px 'Comic Sans MS';">User:Pratyya Ghosh</span>}}
<table style="float: right; margin-left: 1em; margin-bottom: 0.5em; width: 242px; border: black solid 2px; background-color:white; font-family:Comic Sans MS">
*English Wikipedia-- [[w:en:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My English Wikipedia User Page]]
*Bengali Wikipedia-- [[w:bn:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Bengali Wikipedia User Page]]
*Wikimedia Commons-- [[w:commons:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Wikimedia Commons User Page]]
*Simple English Wikipedia-- [[w:simple:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Simple English Wikipedia User Page]]
*Meta Wikimedia-- [[w:meta:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Meta Wikimedia User Page]]
*Wikimedia Commons-- [[w:commons:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Wikimedia Commons User Page]]
*Wikidata-- [[w:wikidata:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Wikidata User Page]]
Outside them you will always find me at [[testwiki:User:Pratyya Ghosh|Test Wikipedia]] and <span class="plainlinks">[https://bn.wiktionary.org/wiki/User:Pratyya_Ghosh Bengali Wiktionary].
*Among them you can mostly find me at '''English Wikipedia'''. Then '''SimpleWikimedia English WikipediaCommons''' --> '''Bengali Wikipedia'''--> '''Meta Wikimedia''' --> '''WikimediaSimple CommonsEnglish Wikipedia''' --> '''Wikidata'''.
Also see [[Special:CentralAuth/Pratyya Ghosh|'''this''']] andor <span class="plainlinks">[http://toolserver.org/~quentinv57/sulinfo/Pratyya_Ghosh '''this'''] page to see my global contributions.
At last see [[Special:Contributions/Pratyya Ghosh|'''this''']] page to see my contributions at this Wiki.


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